• Diganta Khati

Researchers are developing an App which can help track Depression!

Mental Health is important, for ones well being, especially to maintain balance in our lives. The especially lockdown period - The pandemic hour has really been stressful for many.

The Boring days has made us more prone to adopting an unhealthy lifestyle ( both physically and mentally ). Depression is not a joke and can be hidden in the mirage named smile.

What If? We are suffering from depression and mental anxiety? but we cannot figure it out for ourselves! Our cycle of daily routine has become so rapid, that we sometimes fail to figure out our own mental health issues.

Dalhousie University Researchers are sorting out this problem, with the help of a mobile app, PROSIT, they have developed to detect depression and mental health issues. Their algorithm is based on the daily mobile usage pattern.

PROSIT tracks mobile users call frequency, music tastes, typing speed, message histories and other subtle data. This app is in its testing phase. About 300 users are testing the app out of which 50% are patients.

One question must have arisen in your brain concerning data privacy. The usage of this app requires a consent form, and the data is also stored in a secure location.

In the pandemic hour, most of the mental health patients might not be physically visiting their psychiatrists as a result of COVID fear. This app can help psychologists to track their patient's improvement as well.

Technology for the betterment must obviously be appreciated.

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