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FDA flags Methanol based Hand Sanitizers as Toxic

FDA flags Hand Sanitizers with Methyl Alcohol Composition and warns people of its adverse effects.

In recent times, due to the Corona Pandemic scenario. The demand for hand sanitizers has rocketed. Some months ago, there was an insufficient supply of hand sanitizers to meet the growing demand and to counter the demands, Local Suppliers had to enter, in the race of manufacturing Hand sanitizers.

FDA warns consumers, not to use Methanol [ wood alcohol ] based hand sanitizers. Methanol is hazardous when absorbed through the skin and Life-threatening when ingested.

There have been unfavourable incidents, where children and adults ingested hand sanitizers and have led to hospitalization, blindness, and even death in some cases.

Exposure to Methanol on a substantial basis may lead to Methanol poisoning. Some of the symptoms of Methanol Poisoning include nausea, vomiting, blindness, seizures, and permanent nervous system damage.

CDC [ Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ] recommend consumers to use Hand sanitizers with at least 60 per cent Ethyl Alcohol.

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Buying Guide:

  • Only use FDA approved Hand Sanitizers.

  • Prefer Sanitizers with at least 60 per cent Ethanol Composition [ Alcohol-Based ]

  • Try to buy hand sanitizers from a brand you can rely upon.

Vocal for Local Guide

Please Buy Indian Brand Sanitizers and Go Swadeshi. We, Indians must realize that smartphones are not the only foreign product that we are using. We can support Vocal for Local movement by reviewing even a trivial seeming commodity, for example, a bar of soap or even our monthly grocery list.

We should start using google, for the benefit of our country. If You find out that the product you consume or wish to buy is not an Indian Product, Try to find the Best Indian Alternative. If You find out your Indian Alternative product Hats Off. If not and you've got no choice left, but to go with the same product you've chosen.

Lastly, It's your wallet power. It's your choice.

Some Indian Brands to choose from:

Dabur Hand Sanitizers: Dabur is an Indian Ayurvedic consumer good company with 135 years experience.

  • 450 ml of safety under 225 is a cheap buy.

  • A non-sticky experience.

  • 60% of alcohol content.

  • Half a Litre of Virus Protection comes in handy, especially on a budget of under 250.

  • A non-sticky experience.

  • 60% of alcohol content.

  • Fruity lemon fragrance for your hands.

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